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Brain Invaders Europe Tour Announced – part 1

Tickets on Sale for the below dates at 10am on April 17th!  Excited to see you guys out there.  More dates announced very soon.


02 Sep 2019 Budapest, Hungary – Dürer Kert

03 Sep 2019 Vienna, Austria – Flex café

05 Sep 2019 Prague, Czech republic – Meet Factory

06 Sep 2019 Jena, Germany – F-Haud

07 Sep 2019 Annaber-Buchholz, Germany – Alte Brauerei

08 Sep 2019 Wiesbaden, Germany – Schalchthof Half

10 Sep 2019 Munich, Germany – Backstage Halle

11 Sep 2019Lyss, Switzerland – KUFA

12 Sep 2019 Erlangen, Germany – E-Werk

13 Sep 2019 Lindau, Germany – Club Vaudeville

14 Sep 2019 Stuttgart, Germany – Club Cann

15 Sep 2019 Braunschweig, Germany – Westand

17 Sep 2019 Hamburg, Germany – Markthalle

18 Sep 2019 Bremen, Germany – Lagerhaus

19 Sep 2019 Cologne, Germany – Kantine

20 Sept 2019Hameln, Germany – Sumpfblume

21 Sep 2019 Lingen, Germany – Rock Am Pferdemarkt (FREE)

22 Sep 2019 Eindhoven, Netherlands – Dynamo

23 Sep 2019 Antwerp, Belguim – Kavaka

24 Sep 2019 Paris, France – Maroquinerie









Czech Republic:

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 11.48.32 AM


Hey Germany!!..We added another show this summer in Koblenz! Oh…And will be playing all the shows with us. Yes..these will be fun and AMAZING!!! Get tickets now!! Here:


or Just stream on your favorite platform NOW!

  • Bundles – Shirts, Hoodies, Etc.
  • Vinyl, Cd and Cassette Formats


Preorder BRAIN INVADERS here:

  • Bundles – Shirts, Hoodies, Etc.
  • Special Interaction Packages – Lyric Sheets, Guitar Lessons, Etc.
  • Vinyl, Cd and Cassette Formats

The second single is here!  “We’re Not Alright”!!  Watch the video and stream the song below!  Preorder the album and become part of the movement.  Thanks in advance guys!!

“We’re Not Alright” Music Video 


Stream “We’re Not Alright”


“All My Friends Are Nobodies” Music Video 

Scan 762

Stream “All MY Friends Are Nobodies”

Preorder BRAIN INVADERS here:

  • Bundles – Shirts, Hoodies, Etc.
  • Special Interaction Packages – Lyric Sheets, Guitar Lessons, Etc.
  • Vinyl, Cd and Cassette Formats



“We’re not alright” ストリーミング&DL 

”Brain Invaders” アルバムプレオーダー (iTunes) (CD)


Early Reviews:

“this band is that they are so good at what they do, and after twelve albums since 1995, they have earned the right to be leaders of this particular pack. Check out Brain Invaders – its infectious, catchy, imaginative and bloody fantastic. A sonic attack on the sense that you won’t want to recover from.” – Vents Magazine

“Since 2006’s ‘Broadcast to the World,’ Zebrahead have put out a couple of catchy pop-punk records. With their latest release, ‘Brain Invaders,’ Zebrahead has ditched their usual sound for a harder one, reminiscent of their incredible 2003 record, ‘MFZB.’ While the relatable lyrics are plentiful, and the raps more on point than ever, ‘Brain Invaders’ is definitely more Sum 41 (‘Does This Look Infected?’) than Simple Plan (‘No Pads, No Helmets … Just Balls’).” – Bionic Buzz

“Brain Invaders’ is an album that is, most importantly, genuinely great, it is sure to appeal to people that have been following the band since the beginning as well as today’s youth.” – Subba Cultcha

Scan 762

BRAIN INVADERS ….the new album from zebrahead will be available in Japan (March 6th) on Avex and worldwide on MFZB Records (March 8th) . Available now via preorder campaign, by preordering you can instantly  via iTunes, get a free download of the song “All My Friends Are Nobodies.”  The first self release effort from the band…..Help support us and the movement by preordering NOW!  We have put everything we have into this release and are super proud to finally be able to share with everyone around the world.

Album Title:
“Brain Invaders”


1. When Both Sides Suck, We’re All Winners

2. I Won’t Let You Down

3. All My Friends are Nobodies

4. We’re Not Alright

5. You Don’t Know Anything About Me

6. Chasing the Sun

7. Party on the Dancefloor

8. Do Your Worst

9. All Die Young

10. Up in Smoke

11. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi

12. Take A Deep Breath (And Go Fuck Yourself)

13. Better Living Through Chemistry

14. Bullet on the Brain

BIG NEWS DAY! New single/video, new album, pre-order and details..details…details galore.

Scan 762

BIG NEWS DAY!  New single/video, new album, pre-order and details..details…details galore.  

Hello Friends and Family! Outside Japan, this will be the first time zebrahead has taken the reigns and self released.  So we need your help!  It took us a lot of time and basically all our money….no joke…… put this all together.  We have put everything we have into this release and are super excited for everyone to hear it!  We thank you in advance for any kind of pre order or support you can give.  We are the luckiest guys on the planet ….and know it.  So happy to finally be able to share the NEWS!!!  Help the movement and spread the word.

pre order now:

(Brain Invaders College Fund – Cause a Brain is a Terrible Thing to Waste)

If you saw us on the last UK might know this song..check it out: “All My Friends Are Nobodies”

Watch the NEW Video for “All My Friends Are Nobodies”: 

Or  stream “All My Friends Are Nobodies”:

Album Title:
“Brain Invaders”


1. When Both Sides Suck, We’re All Winners

2. I Won’t Let You Down

3. All My Friends are Nobodies

4. We’re Not Alright

5. You Don’t Know Anything About Me

6. Chasing the Sun

7. Party on the Dancefloor

8. Do Your Worst

9. All Die Young

10. Up in Smoke

11. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi

12. Take A Deep Breath (And Go Fuck Yourself)

13. Better Living Through Chemistry

14. Bullet on the Brain

Release Dates

March 6th – Japan

March 8th – The World

Tons of tour dates coming ASAP!


The Bonus Brothers pre-order has finally arrived! Vinyl is super limited so get yours now…. before it’s gone. These songs, previously appeared as bonus songs on albums, from 2006-2015, in Japan. Finally, with this being an official release, these songs will be available on streaming sites and physical formats outside Japan. To be honest, there are more than a few here that should never have “just been” BONUS SONGS… least that’s what I think!?!?

The Bonus Brothers will never be in stores…..Only available online (digital), our merch store (physical) and maybe on tour…..if there is any left??

We are lucky to have so many amazing friends around the world. You have made our dream of touring and playing music a reality. Without your help and support we could never keep the movement alive.

So in advance, thank you for supporting and helping us continue this amazing world wide adventure. Without you guys, there would be NO zebrahead. It is humbling to have such an incredible world wide FAMILY. So thank you…and see you all soon! Cheers!!!

Pre-Order: NOW
Expected Release and Shipment Date: Nov.24th


1. Blue Light Special
2. Down Without a Fight
3. Dance Sucka!
4. Battle of the Bullshit
5. Sex, Lies and Audiotape
6. A Freak Gasoline Fight Accident
7. Light Up The Sky
8. We’re Not a Cover Band, We’re a Tribute Band
9. The Art of Breaking Up
10. Down in Flames
11. Riot Girl

Pre Order CD/Vinyl or Shirt -NOW- here:

Pre Order on iTunes (Get “Blue Light Special” Instantly):

Apple Music:

Pre Order Digital on Amazon:

A few notes and answers:
*CD’s are signed by the band (YES SIGNED)
*Vinyl is hand numbered and will be shipped with an MP3 download card.
(Orders with Vinyl should ship within one week of release date..sorry for the delay)
*Why only 2006-2015?….Because those are the songs we have the rights too. Old record labels control the songs from previous years…which sucks…but if people desire …maybe we can re record them and release them at a later time.
*Why are the digital and physical covers different?…Due to digital store rules… we were not allowed to have 2 different languages or even years on the cover. We find this ridiculous. We suggest you take the .jpg we post and use it to substitute in as the cover for your digital release of The Bonus Brothers. Sorry for the trouble, but we wanted you to have an option of the cover we wanted you to have in the first place!

The Bonus Brothers, New Album? and More!!

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 9.34.44 AM

Hello World! We have lots of news…we have been busy… and quiet?

1) On November 24th, we will be releasing an album of songs, previously only available in Japan, called “The Bonus Brothers”. It will contain 11 songs and be released in extremely limited quantities of CD/Vinyl and Digital. EXTREMELY LIMITED. We will start pre orders in a 2 weeks. These hard to come by songs have been requested for years ……and it is time we made an official release happen. This will only be available in our webstore and on tour. The songs have been re-mastered and we are excited for you to hear them. Artwork and tracklisting will come in 2 weeks.

2) We have been recording the new album and are getting to the point where we can say we are “ALMOST” done. In December, we will start releasing studio recording videos with snippets of new songs…….excited and nervous for you guys to start hearing some of these songs.

3) New album almost done and “The Bonus Brothers” album being released means…. it is soon time for tour. Not playing many shows right now has been driving us crazy. We miss you guys and can’t wait to be out there drinking or hanging with all of you. Zebrahead is beyond lucky to have made thousands of friends all over the world….we are one big family and we miss you guys and our party’s/shows that pull us all together. It is hard to describe, but we know that you know we know you know?

4) People have long been asking for the B-Sides album, with a few songs specifically being asked for………this is next on the list ….immediately after the new album comes out. A few of those songs should have been on records a long time ago. The ones who have complained…you have been heard! And we agree.

Sorry for being long winded….just been a while since we have posted news. We will try not to get so lost in the studio finishing the album ….and post more often!
If you made it to the end…post the city and country you are from … we can miss you’ll even more…..and to be honest motivate us to finish the new album faster and better…. and faster and better…. and faster and better…………

2017!!! Let’s PARTY!!

Hey Guys.  Thanks for a great 2016!!  It was amazing and the final Europe tour was the best Europe tour we have ever had.  So thank you very much!!  This year we are working on finishing up a few more songs and recording the next album as well.  Hell….It should be out later this year!


Here are some tour dates already announced:


Punkspring Festival in Japan

Highfield Festival in Germany

and Huette Rockt Festival in Germany.


There are a bunch of super exciting shows and festivals to announce soon!  Be on the watch at this space.  Thank you and Happy New Year!!



Skindred/Zebrahead Winter Europe Tour


Very happy to announce a Europe winter tour with our good friends in Skindred.  This is going to get crazy.  Come on out and join the fun!

Ticket Links:

29.11.2016          Berlin                    Columbia Theater     

30.11.2016          Würzburg            Posthalle     

01.12.2016          CH – Wetzikon     Hall Of Fame **

02.12.2016          A – Saalbach Hinterglemm Bergfestival **

03.12.2016          Vienna                   Flex

04.12.2016           Graz                      PPC

06.12.2016          Leipzig                  Conne Island

07.12.2016          Hamburg             Markthalle  

08.12.2016          Münster               Skaters Palace

09.12.2016          Wiesbaden          Schlachthof

10.12.2016          Kiel                        Max

11.12.2016          Hannover             Faust

13.12.2016          Köln                      Essigfabrik  

14.12.2016          Saarbrücken        Garage

15.12.2016          Erfurt                    HsD

16.12.2016         Magdeburg            Fabrik Club  **No Skindred

 17.12.2016     Munich        X-MAS BASH    Tonhalle   **w/ Emil Bulls


Upcoming Shows and Festivals – Russia, Belarus and Ukraine just announced!

Date City Venue Country
05/28/16 Zebrahead in Leeds Slam Dunk Festival (North) United Kingdom
05/29/16 Zebrahead in Birmingham Slam Dunk Festival (Midlands) United Kingdom
05/30/16 Zebrahead in Hatfield (London) Slam Dunk Festival (South) United Kingdom
Tour: Slam Dunk Extra UK Shows
05/31/16 Zebrahead in Cardiff The Globe United Kingdom
06/01/16 Zebrahead in Plymouth The Hub United Kingdom
06/02/16 Zebrahead in Poole Mr. Kyps United Kingdom
Tour: Summer Time Festival TIme
06/03/16 Zebrahead in London Scala (Facedown) United Kingdom
06/04/16 Zebrahead in London Camden Rock Festival – The Underworld United Kingdom
06/07/16 Zebrahead in Budapest Budapest Park – With Billy Talent Hungary
06/09/16 Zebrahead in Interlaken Greenfield Festival Switzerland
06/10/16 Zebrahead in Kocevje Kulturni Centre Slovenia
06/11/16 Zebrahead in Nickelsdorf Nova Rock Festival Austria
Tour: Summer Time Festival TIme
06/13/16 Zebrahead in Warsaw Hydrozagadka Poland
06/15/16 Zebrahead in Prague Aerodrome Festival Czech Republic
Tour: Summer Time Festival TIme
06/24/16 Zebrahead in Scheessel Hurricane Festival Germany
06/25/16 Zebrahead in Ysselsteyn Jera On Air Festival Netherlands
06/26/16 Zebrahead in Neuhausen ob Eck Southside Festival Germany
Tour: 2 Nights in NYC – Early Years/Later Years Shows
07/22/16 Zebrahead in New York Knitting Factory (The Early Years Show) United States
07/23/16 Zebrahead in New York Knitting Factory (The Later Years Show) United States
Tour: Summer Time Festival TIme
08/14/16 Zebrahead in Eschwege Open Flair Festival Germany
08/16/16 Zebrahead in Moscow Volta Russian Federation
08/17/16 Zebrahead in St. Petersburg CLUBZAL Russian Federation
08/18/16 Zebrahead in Minsk Brugge Belarus
08/19/16 Zebrahead in Kiev Monte Ray Ukraine
08/20/16 Zebrahead in Lviv Zaxidfest Ukraine