The Bonus Brothers, New Album? and More!!

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Hello World! We have lots of news…we have been busy… and quiet?

1) On November 24th, we will be releasing an album of songs, previously only available in Japan, called “The Bonus Brothers”. It will contain 11 songs and be released in extremely limited quantities of CD/Vinyl and Digital. EXTREMELY LIMITED. We will start pre orders in a 2 weeks. These hard to come by songs have been requested for years ……and it is time we made an official release happen. This will only be available in our webstore and on tour. The songs have been re-mastered and we are excited for you to hear them. Artwork and tracklisting will come in 2 weeks.

2) We have been recording the new album and are getting to the point where we can say we are “ALMOST” done. In December, we will start releasing studio recording videos with snippets of new songs…….excited and nervous for you guys to start hearing some of these songs.

3) New album almost done and “The Bonus Brothers” album being released means…. it is soon time for tour. Not playing many shows right now has been driving us crazy. We miss you guys and can’t wait to be out there drinking or hanging with all of you. Zebrahead is beyond lucky to have made thousands of friends all over the world….we are one big family and we miss you guys and our party’s/shows that pull us all together. It is hard to describe, but we know that you know we know you know?

4) People have long been asking for the B-Sides album, with a few songs specifically being asked for………this is next on the list ….immediately after the new album comes out. A few of those songs should have been on records a long time ago. The ones who have complained…you have been heard! And we agree.

Sorry for being long winded….just been a while since we have posted news. We will try not to get so lost in the studio finishing the album ….and post more often!
If you made it to the end…post the city and country you are from … we can miss you’ll even more…..and to be honest motivate us to finish the new album faster and better…. and faster and better…. and faster and better…………