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BIG NEWS DAY! New single/video, new album, pre-order and details..details…details galore.

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BIG NEWS DAY!  New single/video, new album, pre-order and details..details…details galore.  

Hello Friends and Family! Outside Japan, this will be the first time zebrahead has taken the reigns and self released.  So we need your help!  It took us a lot of time and basically all our money….no joke…… put this all together.  We have put everything we have into this release and are super excited for everyone to hear it!  We thank you in advance for any kind of pre order or support you can give.  We are the luckiest guys on the planet ….and know it.  So happy to finally be able to share the NEWS!!!  Help the movement and spread the word.

pre order now:

(Brain Invaders College Fund – Cause a Brain is a Terrible Thing to Waste)

If you saw us on the last UK might know this song..check it out: “All My Friends Are Nobodies”

Watch the NEW Video for “All My Friends Are Nobodies”: 

Or  stream “All My Friends Are Nobodies”:

Album Title:
“Brain Invaders”


1. When Both Sides Suck, We’re All Winners

2. I Won’t Let You Down

3. All My Friends are Nobodies

4. We’re Not Alright

5. You Don’t Know Anything About Me

6. Chasing the Sun

7. Party on the Dancefloor

8. Do Your Worst

9. All Die Young

10. Up in Smoke

11. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi

12. Take A Deep Breath (And Go Fuck Yourself)

13. Better Living Through Chemistry

14. Bullet on the Brain

Release Dates

March 6th – Japan

March 8th – The World

Tons of tour dates coming ASAP!