Monthly Archives: October 2010

Play zebrahead songs NOW!!!

For everyone who has ever emailed MAD that zebrahead isn’t on “Guitar Hero” or “Rock Band”….Here is the answer!!  There is a Beta version of a new facebook app called “INSTANT JAM” where u can play 26 zebrahead songs.  Yes 26!!  Plug your guitar from “Rock Band” or “Guitar Hero” into your computer and play away.  It is free and fun as hell.  If you have any of the 26 songs on your computer it will recognize that they are there and let u play, or take u to a site where u can get them to be able to play. Lets do this and challenge each other to see who gets the highest score!!!!

New Live Video From Reading Festival 2010

Hey Guys and Gals.  New live video for the song “Anthem” showing up later this week!  A friend of ours was filming on stage and the sound didn’t turn out horrible…so why not post it on the site?  It is tough to have video cameras pick up decent enough sound to even tell what is going on??  But hell …lets give it a try and you can let us know if u want to see more of these in the future??


Ben Ozz

New Tattoo?

Came across this photo a couple days ago on the internet.  Someone tell me is this a guy or a girl?  Cause it is pretty damn revealing.  That would have been painful.  Whose leg is this??  Let us know.

OK…News update.  Apparently it is a guy from Milan, Italy!  Thank you for spreading the word!!