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New Tattoo?

Came across this photo a couple days ago on the internet.  Someone tell me is this a guy or a girl?  Cause it is pretty damn revealing.  That would have been painful.  Whose leg is this??  Let us know.

OK…News update.  Apparently it is a guy from Milan, Italy!  Thank you for spreading the word!!

Who let the cat’s out?!!

Who let the cat’s out?!!! countdown to Vegas!! Booze, Broads (sorry honey), Burgers, Barf, Bouncing boobies (sorry honey), and face melting rock!!!!! So, since it is in the good old USA and it is the tourist capital of said USA and, if you are financially able we think you should come to Vegas and make it a nice start to you Vegas vacation!!! Just saying!!! Or an ending…. Either one would work really.