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Home Holidays Hangovers and Happiness?

Hello Guys and Gals!  We are finally home and baking in the Southern California heat.  It is honestly 85 Degrees today!  We just finished up an incredible tour with our good friends Less Than Jake in the UK/ Europe and wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out and supported, went crazy and lost their minds with us.  There was an overwhelming amount of support from the MFZB’rs out there and it made our trip incredible.  We truely feel the love more than ever.

If you want to catch some of the crazyness…then check out the video just posted for Part 1 – The UK:

or this live video of “Playmate” from Belgium:

Part 2 – Europe – will be posted on Christmas Day!  The gift that keeps on giving!!!!!!  Or maybe losing????  You pick!

We have rushed home to finish up some songs and write a couple new ones!  We are getting close to being able to record the new record and will soon start sharing the process on  We have a page set up for posting from the recording studio or from our rehearsal studio on the site.  Hopefully it should be fun and funny all at once.  Start looking for updates in January or February….depending on how dumb we are?

For the holidays we have added tons of new items to the Official Merch Store.  Go check it out!  There is no better way to say “I Love You” then giving some nice MFZB apparel???/..maybe???…or a Beer!

Thanks again to everyone out there keeping the MFZB movement alive.  Tell a friend…tell a stranger…tell everyone!  FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! This will always have the fastest updates.

Ben from zebrahead

PS.  You will notice in the videos that Greg couldn’t make it out on this tour.  Our good friend Dan Palmer (Death By Stereo) filled in for him on this trip.  Greg will be back on the next one!  Congrats Greg and Tiffany!



Ladies and Gents! There is now an iphone app for zebrahead.  Open the following link on your iphone now

Rumor has it a version for Android and Blackberry is also almost ready!

“The perennially underrated, utterly infectious ZEBRAHEAD are impossible to dislike……their control over their devoted following is impressive.”  Kerrang!


Here are some reviews that I have come across from the tour:



Hey Guys and Gals.  Just wanted to let u all know we made it home from our UK/Europe tour yesterday safe and sound.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported at all these amazing shows…to new and old friends alike!  Special thanks to the Austrian Fan Club for the amazing shirts and hoodies – YOU GUYS RULE!  Wore mine the rest of the tour!

We are home and busy as hell writing songs to start recording early next year.  We will keep u posted on the progress or lack of?

Thanks again to EVERYONE …EVERYWHERE…for all the support …and the ability for us to continue to make music and travel around the world!  We love you guys and OWE it all to YOU!

Ben from zebrahead