MY JUGGERNAUTS….WAY MORE BEER is finally here.  YESYESYES!  We have finally recorded a LIVE CD/DVD.  Recorded on a crazy night in Germany, this amazing show captures the fun and energy of the MFZB experience.  And guess what ….we even got Cameron Webb to mix it (The man behind MFZB, Broadcast, Phoenix and Call Your Friends)!

It has taken many years and stars to align for us to finally make this happen ….and now you can be a part of it.  No RECORD LABELS, No Suits, No Problems….We decided it would be best to launch this ourselves and have the people who care about us (YOU)…. be the record label.  So we partnered with PledgeMusic and are bringing it directly to you.  This will NOT be available in stores.

This is an all region CD/DVD and all prices INCLUDE SHIPPING and a digital download of the Live Album…..  buy a shirt..get the digital download included in the pirce…you get it!

Since we did this without record label help… we decided we would try to come up with some cool ways to cover the expenses of filming, editing and mixing this MASTERPIECE.  Yeah we are pinching pennies to cover this thing.  So we are very PROUD to include you in this project and hope you are as STOKED as us.  Yes I used the word STOKED!  We have never done anything like this before and hope you will be excited about some of the cool and exciting things we came up with?

Hell…if this works out… maybe the next album is done this way… and we have voting on songs, solos, vocals and everything to make the best album possible?  (Just thinking out loud here)…


Thanks and hope you enjoy being a part of this as much as we enjoyed filming it!

Hey and to celebrate….we have a new video today for the song AUTOMATIC




FOR our friends in JAPAN…translated by the wonderful SAKI!



今回投稿させていただいている、”Pledge Music”についてご説明します。






今回のZebraheadによるプロジェクトでは、自分のほしいもの(Tシャツやサイン入りグッズ)、CD/DVDのブックレットに名前を載せてもらう、 自分の携帯の留守電用メッセージを吹き込んでもらう、など様々な特典をファンが選び、バンドにお金を寄付できるようになっています。また、バンドは達成率 に応じてデモ音源の公開・写真のアップロードなどを行うことを約束しています。

Postcards from Hell + AccessPass 22ドル
バンドメンバーがツアー中に選んだ面白い絵はがき、メッセージ・サイン入り + ライブ音源ダウンロード権

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Hello Juggernauts,

As you know it’s WAY MORE BEER time and we’re bringing the party to you worldwide. But this time we want to bring the party to you even if you can’t make a show! That’s why we’re creating a Live DVD with PledgeMusic.
Here’s how it works: By pledging to preorder the DVD you’ll receive digital download of the live recordings included on the DVD. You’ll might even get to vote on some interesting and amazing options? Sounds fun…YES.
You’ll also notice we’ve made some AMAZING and strange items and experiences available for you guys to pledge on. This stuff has never been available before and is only available to Pledgers so grab it quick!
Pledging will also give you access to a Pledger-only section of the site where you can check in on the progress of the DVD. We’ll be posting updates like videos, audio clips, voting, pictures and blogs throughout our travels to share with our Pledgers.
Here’s to keeping it live with you….Thank you for your help!!

zebrahead / MFZB
(Ben, Ali, Matty, Dan and Ed)

貼り付け元 <http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/zebrahead>


ライブに行けないから無理? …そんな君たちのために、オレたちはPledge Musicを使ってライブDVDを作ることにしたよ。
まず、Pledge MusicでこのDVDをプレオーダーする。これで、(DVDからとった)ライブ音源のデジタルダウンロードが出来る。まぁ他にもいろいろなオプションをつけることが出来るんだけど…いい考えだろ?