Hey guys and Gals.  Thought you would want to see the cover for “Get Nice!”

well below it is:

1 Blackout
2 Nothing To Lose
3 She Don’t Wanna Rock
4 Ricky Bobby
5 Get Nice!
6 The Joke’s On You
7 Nudist Priest
8 Galileo Was Wrong
9 Truck Stops And Tail Lights
10 I’m Definitely Not Gonna Miss You
11 Too Bored To Bleed
12 Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
13 This Is Gonna Hurt You Way More Than It`s Gonna Hurt Me
14 Demon Days

Oh and hey!!!!!!!!!!>….watch the RICKY BOBBY VIDEO!!!!

Look for the song “Get Nice!” to be streaming TONIGHT!!!!

Ben from zebrahead